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Webpages that I find useful or entertaining.

Please let me know if you have further suggestions or updates for this page, or if any links have died. Send email to andrew ∀

Info on Colombia

I assembled this Colombia Links page to provide all manner of information on my host country for 2006.

Batrachology (i.e., the study of amphibians)

See the batrachology page.


This is Hell: If NPR went out drinking on Friday nights. A 4-hour radio show that makes me miss my Chicago daze. Podcasts available. Live shows Saturday mornings.

Harry Shearer. He's my hero and idol! Find a link to his wonderfully brilliant and funny weekly radio program Le Show on the Harry Shearer site.

Some particularly good on-line radio stations can be found on from San Francisco. I'm recommending especially Secret Agent.

A another excellent on-line station, this one from Los Angeles, dublab.

epitonic: tons o' excellent, esoteric songs from indie labels. Download mp3's or listen online by genre. Don't miss the "Math Rock" genre.

Sonic Youth streaming "mixed tapes" and mp3 on the band's webpage. (Say, didja know that the U.S. Library of Congress every year selects 50 "sound recordings that are culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant"? I didn't either. Didja know that this year (April, 2006) Daydream Nation made the list!? If only I could find that D.N. record store poster I had in college... Why, I'd be rich!)


Outtakes from the film "1991: the Year Punk Broke" (a history lesson for the 20-something rockers). Watch these clips until the DVD gets released, or the VCR gets fixed.

fishbar: About a dozen short movies starring trout. Absolutely brilliant!

The Coral Reef Multimedia Project: "an interdisciplinary effort to illustrate and explain coral reef dynamics and threats, combining the visual arts with a scientific background. By the original Naos Lab maleante, Neilan Kuntz.


Chuck Close: Is it photorealism or abstract art? It's all a question of scale.

The Memory Hole: items from beyond the media bubble.

Interactive Map of Springfield: You'll laugh until you stop. Laughing, I mean.

Info on every country an excellent site, definitely worth a visit and a bookmark. Using data from CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD, ranks countries in any and all available statistics and provides correlations. Also provides data by country.

Software Handy bioinformatic tools and software by two clever evolutionary geneticists, Kevin Thornton and Eli Stahl.
Many more links for evolutionary genetic software are listed on my Phylogeography course webpage.

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