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Photographs by Andrew J. Crawford

Photographs of field work

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More Photos of Amphibians and other Neotropical marvels

I spent winter break 2007 in the Peruvian Amazon! Check out my photos from this trip on

In August 2008, just before the 6th World Congress of Herpetology in Manaus, Brazil, we made a trip to Viruá National Park in Roraima, Brazil. These pictures of our trip were taken by Mathieu Denoel from the University of Liege.

Here you can also see my 19 photos posted on AmphibiaWeb.

Below is a parting shot. Check back for more pictures soon.

Here's a photograph I took of Hyloscirtus palmeri. This hylid, or “tree frog”, calls from rocks in mountain streams. Because of its habitat preferences, this species is incredibly susceptible to the chytrid fungus. This photo was taken in 2002, before the amphibian decline struck El Copé in October, 2004. I went to El Copé with my friends, Ximena Bernal and Ana Carnaval, from Colombia and Brazil, respectively. They were both very impressed with the amphibian fauna then at El Copé. We logged 30 species of amphibians in one 3-hour night hike, and saw even more species the next day, including this lovely frog I spotted right next to Ana's shoe as we took a break and sat on some rocks in a stream. At El Copé we were graciously hosted by Karen Lips and her then students, Jeanne Robertson and Mason Ryan. I will never forget the incredible diversity and beauty of the frogs of El Copé.

Photo shows Hyloscirtus palmeri, a tree frog that lives in streams